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I. V.

I had toenail fungus and underwent all kinds of treatments with temporary alleviation… Ever since I have been doing Zaper procedures and drinking silver water, I also spray it onto my feet, after the 20-22 day the fungus disappeared… It has been 2-3 months since then, the fungus have not reappeared.. So I undergo prophylactic procedures from time to time.

Р. V.

I had candidosis, white discharge, staphylococcus infection, itching. I have been doing the Zaper procedures together with the silver water for around a month. I was also doing vaginal douching with the silver water. After the bio-resonance diagnostics – and I would like to recommend everyone to undergo it if he or she would like to get precise diagnostics – the candidosis and staphylococcus infection were already gone, white discharge and itching also disappeared..


I had problems with my cycle, cyst of the left ovary, constipation, migraine and everything else. After one-month use of Zaper, during the pauses I also cleaned my liver, I adhere to gluten- and animal protein-free diet. I could see the light in the tunnel. I am of the firm opinion this is the right way to follow, thank you.


Since October 2016 I have been using Zaper. I am 53-year-old. Until today I underwent 3 sessions of 21 days each, in the morning and in the evening. I am very happy with the result. I had problems with my stomach and intestines, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis and problems with the vertebral column. At present all joint inflammations are gone. My stomach and intestines are fine. I am worried about a vaginal discharge that disappeared during the sessions and reappeared 2 weeks after the last one. But I continue with the sessions.


I have been suffering from MS for many years and as you know it is not treatable! After the first course I underwent with the Zaper I felt significantly better. I am of the firm opinion this thing works, but I need more time to fully recover.


My son is with autism and slight cerebral palsy. As soon as after the first procedures, my child felt quite better. He was also taking silver water. After the first month he got rid of many nasty things in the toilet. Now I am of the firm opinion we cannot be healthy with all those worms inside us.


Believe it or not, my sister avoided chemotherapy.. We were using the Zaper and the silver water device… She was adhering to strict diet, without animal protein and gluten. She was cleansing her liver in-between. Now my sister is completely healthy….


I have been suffering from psoriasis for quite a while. After using the Zaper and intaking silver water, internally and externally, my psoriasis is almost gone… I keep following the same path….


I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and low blood pressure. I have been using the Zaper and the silver water for 3 months, with pauses in-between… After each session I feel better and better, you cannot imagine the nasty stuff getting out of me


I have been suffering from allergy and skin spots. I have been using the Zaper for 30 days and adhere to gluten-free dietary regime. The skin spots gradually fade away, I could forget about allergy. I am sure that as time passes by everything would be OK.


From an early age onwards I have been having puss pimples on my face and acne. After a month of using the Zaper and internal silver water intake. I have also been spraying my face with silver water, I cannot believe it. My face is almost completely clean…


I have been suffering from depression and insomnia.. I have been using the Zaper for 3 months and undergoing liver cleansing with English salt, olive oil and lemon. After the first course, I started sleeping and feeling better… You cannot believe how simple things are… And we are brainwashed beyond recognition….


I have been suffering from Alzheimer and using the Zaper for 2 months, drinking silver water, also using the troychatka… During the pauses I undergo liver cleansing as well… I like the easier version with English salt, olive oil and lemon. The results were soon to come, there is no other way…. Once you see the things getting out in the toilet, you would feel dizzy…. Now I am convinced and know I would fully recover but need more time… You cannot expect incurable disease you have been suffering for years to disappear in 1-2 months…. Success is about being persevering, patient and disciplined….. I would like to recommend everyone the Zaper and silver water device ….


I had problems with my prostate, my daughter is 10 years-old and was sick all the time, with fever, constant cough, my wife has some female problems… We have been using the Zaper and silver water device, all the family members for around a month.. I cannot say I am fully healthy, but I surely feel the advantages for that short period of time.. My daughter stopped coughing, her fever went down. My wife is also happy, I would like to recommend these products as a home kit to every family…


I have been having asthma and difficulty breathing and after  10-15 sessions with the Zaper I started breathing easily… Now I am drinking silver water. I will undergo liver cleansing during the pauses. Things are definitely working well and would like to recommend these products to everyone in need..


I am happy not only with the products but with your attitude towards people. You provide additional pieces of advice from your personal experience… I have been suffering from numerous diseases and am aware that they cannot fade away just like that. After using the Zaper, silver water and troychatka… After the first liver cleansing some dead parasites were discharged, as well as gallstones and other nasty stuff…. Now I definitely feel better, but know I have to keep going on and things will not turn around by magic. My advice towards all people is not to trust the traditional medicine, do not lay your health in other people’s hands because this could prove costly and even fatal!!!! Dear friends, get health culture and realize health is in your hands!


I have been suffering from alopecia and stomach problems. I have been using Zaper and the silver water device for around 8-10 days. The stomach ache and heart-burn that were torturing me disappeared. I noticed my hair loss also stopped. This gives me hope and faith that things will get better… Thank you


My gums are bleeding and I have pain in the throat and ear. I have been doing Zaper for 12-13 days, drinking silver water and washing my throat with it.. The pain in throat and ear passed away, my gums are almost not bleeding. This is unique, I would like to advise everyone to try it out and get convinced in it. Thank you


I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, pain in the knees and the shoulders, I also have oedema. My kidneys are also not well. After 20 days of using the Zaper and troychatka, during the pause I underwent liver cleansing. I cannot believe what went out of me. Oedema began fading away, pain is also diminishing, it is not that strong. Now I know these things work and I will surely recover. I just need more sessions, clean-ups, willingness and discipline. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


After a week of using the Zaper and the water I feel more energetic and full of life. The other thing that impresses me greatly is my ears. Behind the outer ear there are numerous lumps that became softer during touch and have been secreting for two days just like puss spot. I think these are positive signs. That makes me greater optimist for my healing.


I have been having thyroid and diabetes. Ever since I have been using the Zaper my insulin needs drastically decreased. Isn’t that great .. I would like to recommend everyone to try out and get out of the dark times of medicine and “incurable diseases”. What I realized and understood after enriching my health knowledge is that real healing comes after eliminating the Original reason behind the disease! If there is no cause, there is no consequence, it is rightfully written in the website. Thank you …

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“Eliminate the reason and then you will eliminate the disease.”