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Oliver Wendell Holmes


There are thousands of diseases and diagnoses, and the reasons behind them are just two!!!

Parasites and pollutions!!!

The modern medicine makes up diagnoses and “treats symptoms”.

The real treatment is about “eliminating the reason”!

So the obvious way to solving the problem and restoring one’s health is;



According to the data provided by the World Health Organization almost 80% of the population is infected with parasites and some specialists prove that these numbers go up to 95% of the population around the globe. Chronic diseases in 100% of the cases are caused or accompanied by parasite infections. Statistics and facts are really terrifying!


Is it hard to believe? It is hard to believe that awful parasites live inside your organism?


Then let us provide you with another statistics – 90% of all corpses researched by pathoanatomists contain large worms. And all patients with cancer are full of them. The founder of parasitology in Russia, academician K. I. Skryabin noticed the following: neither economic bloom, nor wellbeing, nor running mass healing events would not yield effective results if people keep being “UNAWARE”!


Doctor Royal Rife and doctor Hulda Clark are probably the most popular scientists and researchers in the area of parasites. They are of the firm opinion that all diseases such as “incurable/chronic diseases”CYSTS,MYOMA AND CYSTITIS and many more.

The abovementioned list could be endless, 100% are caused by parasites!!! 

A small part of our guests that we rear!!!

Eurytrema Strongyloides Ascaris trichinella_spiralis Ancylostoma Fasciolopsis-buskii-2

Before getting to your particular health problem and how to eliminate it?

It is essential to get to know the FACTS!!!

This way you would be useful to yourselves and to your relatives!

The parasites in our organism or the way out of the vicious circle?

The elimination of parasites/the reason!!!

Is the first and most important step to restoring your health!!!





Who is doctor Royal Raymond Rife?

The Zapper method or also called resonance-frequency bio-resonance therapy was initially discovered by doctor Royal Raymond Rife as early as in the 30-ies of the 20th century.


Together with the useful microflora in our body, we have some uninvited “guests”- viruses, bacteria, parasites!

Mankind’s greatest enemy!!! Everyone has his/her own oscillation frequency, the so-called bio-resonance. The presence of the uninvited “guests” causes numerous and different health problems!




The disease-causing microorganisms could be destroyed via electric signals from the radio-frequency diapason. The impact of electric signals/impulses onto parasites for a several minutes…. Results in terminating their radiation. Parasites are dead or irreversibly damaged and they would be excreted by the organism with the aid of white blood cells. 


The treatment and numerous “incurable/chronic diseases” is not a chimera, just like doctor Royal Raymond Rife proved as early as in the 30-ies of the XX century. In 1920 the young American scientist found the “incurable/chronic diseases” virus, isolated it and injected it in 400 rats. All trial animals were infected and then cured. Rife showed that every bacterial or virus disease could be overcome if being influenced with certain frequency. Everything has its unique oscillation frequency.


.Rife200-bright (1)

Doctor Royal Raymond Rife, the Universal microscope of doctor Rife

It is well-known that bacteria, viruses and parasites have their own oscillation frequency. If we know it, the particular pathogen could be destroyed while radiating it with that frequency. The membrane walls are being destroyed and the pathogen is fast to die, Rife explained. I.e. every disease caused by pathogen – bacteria or virus could be treated after destroying it and making the organism healthy once again. The advantage of the “Rife treatment” is that it does not impact any healthy human cell because they resonate at different frequencies. Rife’s list contains more than 500 diseases that could be overcome.


The party “The end of all diseases”

Thanks to his inventions Rife enjoys the respect of his colleagues. On 20.11.1931 44 of the most respected doctors in the country held a party in his honour under the slogan “The end of all diseases”


The scientific theories of doctor Rife and his treatment methods caused him problems with the public attitudes. Until 1939 almost all of these prominent doctors and researchers denied having ever met Rife. In the eve of the conference where the results of doctor Rife’s research work were supposed to be announced, one of his sponsors, namely Milbank Johnson – former president of the South California medical association was lethally poisoned and the documents disappeared without a trace.


Doctor Rife had to suspend his operations, because the American Medical Association initiated legal proceedings against him and his treatment methods. After getting to know his achievements, the head of the American Medical Association, at the time Maurice Fischbein, offered buying out his patent for the inventions for a period of 8 years.


After his refusal, Fischbein decided to sue Rife. During the proceedings, Association’s representatives visited Rife’s collaborators. Those that didn’t agree to give up on his methods and devices lost their medical licenses. No medical journalist agreed to publish his works. The only edition which pass by censorship is the one of the Franklin Institute. While Rife witnessed, his laboratories were set on fire.


Doctor Nemes who held copies of some Rife’s works died during a mysterious fire. It destroyed all of his research works. The same destiny was shared by the Burnett laboratory that legalized Rife’s researches. In 1946 Raymond Rife was forced to sell out what was left from his laboratory in San Diego, bit by bit. Royal Rife was killed in 1971 because of “accidental” lethal dose of  alcohol in the Grossmont hospital.


Because of one reason or another the discovery made by doctor Rife remained forgotten, until doctor Hulda Clark from the USA published her scientific works in the book “Treatment of all diseases” based on Rife’s theories.


Who is doctor Hulda Clark? 

Doctor Hulda Regehr Clark

Doctor Clark was born on the 18th of October 1928 in Rosthern, Canada. She started her tuition in the field of biology sciences in the Saskatchewan university where she spent her 19-year training course and graduated her master’s degree (High honors). In 1958 the University of Minnesota awarded her with PhD degree aimed at physics applications and its impact on cells’ biological structures.


Doctor Clark founded national consulting agency for some of the methods and developments studied in the University of Indiana (including Zapper’s technology). In the very beginning she enjoyed the huge support of federal agencies and US subsidies for her developments, but under the pressure of pharmaceutical companies exercised in 1974 the subsidies were eliminated. She narrowed the scope of her developments and projects but kept on working with her own resources.


The research work of doctor Clark resulted in studying the correlation between microorganisms (such as parasites, bacteria, viruses) and their reaction to heavy metals and certain frequencies of electric impulses (at present we call this Zapper).


Zapper is the most important invention made by doctor Clark. It is a small device that utilizes 30KHZ impulses what are almost unnoticeable to the human ear but are lethal to parasites, bacteria and viruses.


Doctor Hulda Clark wrote 7 books, namely “The Cure For All Cancers”, “The Cure For All Diseases”, “The Cure For HIV and AIDS”, “The Cure For All Advanced Cancers”, “The Prevention of All Cancers”, “Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual” and the recent “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers” issued in 2008 concerning quite severe diseases and manners in which her technology could help them! Her books contain very important information to the attention of those interested in the modern natural way of life.


Doctor Clark sustained numerous attacks by the “PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES” – refusing to sell the patent for her technology and work together with them. Because of the fact that she wanted to make technologies and training accessible for everyone, without making them too expensive.

Now, after you were presented with the facts and reasons, let us see the particular reason behind your health problem and the way in which you could eliminate it?



All of the abovementioned problems are related to the presence of numerous parasites, viruses and bacteria!

The same unwanted guests you already read about!

In all cases of these diseases we could always find flukes, Askaris, Salmonela, Shigela !!!


Salmonela                            Shigela

article__aafd5baa92b41824bbbb20131e9c4942-1024x859 Shigella_stool

In their capacity of living organisms, parasites and fungi also go to the “toilet”! Their toilet is our body. Their excretions are highly toxic and dangerous to our entire organism. While piling up and clogging the whole organism.


Our immune system is trying to combat them while throwing away the toxins from parasites’ living activity, through the various parts of our body!!! Nevertheless in most cases “the organism cannot cope”!!!

Hence your body “stocks up/capsules toxins” in a “safe pattern/envelope”!!!

Called cyst and myoma (benign tumour).


In the case of cystitis (uterine pains) and endometriosis that results in (infertility), things are not much different!!! The difference is about the parasites and their excretions “residing in a different place”!!! Namely in bladder or cervix….

This is where the common female problem stems from – “cervical cancer”!!!

“Women’s weak spot is vagina and men’s – prostate!!! 


The symptoms about that are the following: rashes, itching, sore nose, poor vaginal odour, vaginal discharge, reddening, chronic fatigue, painful or irregular menstruation, pains in the abdominal and uterine area, nervousness, insomnia, depression, nausea, lack of appetite, lack of concentration and many more… 


All these symptoms/signals are organism’s defence reaction and combatting the unwanted guests”!!!

Nowadays the modern medicine calls this “cyst, myoma, cystitis, endometriosis and cervical cancer”!!!

Even though there are many types of vaginal infections/appellations/labels.

There are two reasons behind that: Parasites and pollutions!!!

This is where the female problems stem from!!!


Even today the “modern medicine” could not answer and solve!!!

YES, you could undergo surgery. Yet this is not the solution to your problem!!! 

This is followed by a relapse and going round in a vicious circle of “delusions and degradation”!!!


At that time you should answer the following question?


Could the problem be treated/eliminated with medicines or surgery that solely treat the SYMPTOM?

Even today I keep wondering, nothing personal, dear “specialists”.

How could you treat a disease while treating the (symptom). NOT the reason behind it!!!

Symptoms are signs/signals of the organism for invaders’ consequences!!!

It does not take much brains or “specialization” to get the idea!!!

The other “fatal error” in the case of the traditional treatment method.


When we treat the symptom and NOT THE REASON!!! You just keep following the vicious circle… The same “unwanted guests” that keep living in your body! They are capable of causing much more severe health problems!!!


Parasites and fungi also “need food”. They eat up all healthy nutrients we take up with our food. Vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese etc. Without them our organism could not “function, develop and maintain all organs and systems”…

We get in the following paradoxical situation!!! Full stomach, hungry organism!!!


The unwanted guests “live on our account” and their excretions pollute/block and hinder the various organs and systems of our body in functioning accurately. Depending on the organ they have “inhabited” (the uterus)!!! They could damage the organ, as well as all other organs and systems within the body!!!


Do you still wonder where did you get your cystitis, myoma or ovarian cyst from? 

Organism IS and should be perceived as uniform System!!!

Not as “individual organs”!!! Everything is interrelated!!!

The traditional medicine “treats the Symptoms/Symptomatic”!!! NOT THE REASONS!!!


How could you get rid of the Problem?

Logically, after getting rid of the reasons/parasites/toxins!!!

Hence the authentic and effective treatment is>>>Eliminating the REASON!!!


What would you say if there is a device which is absolutely SAFE to human health!!! But at the same time it is the greatest enemy to parasites, viruses and bacteria because it eliminates the Reason/Parasite and not the “Symptom”…. A single procedure whose duration is 21 minutes results in terminating their radiation. Parasites are dead or irreversibly damaged and they would be excreted by the organism with the aid of white blood cells. Nevertheless this does not mean that you will be healed in that short period!!!


We have eliminated the reason, the “parasite”, but your organism needs time to get fully recovered and eliminate all the toxins, slags and parasites from the body.

In most cases you could see the invaders in the “TOILET”!!!


After you do that the problem would disappear!!! Because when we are clean on the inside, our body gets cleaned on the outside as well. When there is no Reason, there is no health problem.


Do you get the difference? We treat/eliminate the Reason and not the “SYMPTOMS”!


You do not have to be a doctor, associate professor or professor! Or be experienced in operating the device.

Nevertheless you have to give up the degraded way of thinking and treatment in Modern medicine”!

You could help someone after showing him or her the right way to follow!

But you cannot help him or her if he/she does not follow it!

The parasites in our organism or the way out of the vicious circle?

Everybody makes his decision on his own and bears the consequences!




The Zapper machine, also called Zapper, was initially found by doctor Raymond Rife as early as in the 30-ies of the 20th century. Because of one reason or another the discovery made by doctor Rife remained forgotten, until doctor Hulda Clark from the USA published her scientific works in the book “Treatment of all diseases” based on Rife’s theories.


Zapper is the most important invention made by doctor Clark. It is a small device that utilizes 30KHZ impulses what are almost unnoticeable to the human ear but are lethal to parasites, bacteria and viruses


Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC based on the scheme of doctor Clark is a simple electric device that kills the disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites via the electromagnetic fields based on the bio-resonance principle. The impact made by the apparatus onto parasites in several minutes… Results in terminating their radiation. Parasites are dead or irreversibly damaged and they would be excreted by the organism with the aid of white blood cells.  

Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC is absolutely safe and harmless to human health.

Bearing in mind it operates with ”9  v  battery”!


Parasites’ frequencies differ from human organs’ frequencies. Namely because of this reason, Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC is the safest, most universal and efficient device that could be used effectively for all “incurable/chronic” diseases. Since its frequency and operational principle kill and destroy only the parasites without influencing or damaging in whatever manner human organs. 


Aid, prophylactics  in the case of:

  • Diseases caused by unicellular organisms;
  • Thread worm invasions (pinworms, ascarides, flukes, sucking worms etc.);
  • Diseases caused by skin parasites (scabies, lice);
  • Viral and mucous diseases (flu, venereal diseases, food toxic infection);
  • Fungal infections (nail fungi, candidosis, lichens, warts etc.)
  • Diseases of the intestinal system (ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis etc.);
  • Diseases of the excretion and genital system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis etc.);
  • Ache syndromes (headache and migraine, toothache, pains in the area of the neck, back, joints etc.);
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, acne etc.);
  • Diseases of the endocrine system (of the thyroid, diabetes mellitus etc.);
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthroses, arthritis, myositis etc.);
  • Nervous system diseases (insomnia, nervousness, depression, fury etc.):
  • Puss wounds;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome; Being overweight;
  • Vaginal infections; cystitis, cysts, myoma, endometriosis, infertility etc.)
  • Post-surgical treatment and recovery
  • Autoimmune diseases, alopecia, Hashimoto, multiple sclerosis etc.)
  • Chronic diseases in 100% of the cases are caused or accompanied by parasitic infections, and in 60% of the cases they are caused by helminths (parasitic worms);
  • Fungal infections nowadays infect more than 25% of the population around the globe; according to the data provided by the WHO almost 75% of the world population is infected with parasitic diseases irrespective of the level of their social life; 80% of all existing diseases are either directly related to parasites or result from their living operations in human organism.
  • The bio-wave generator Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC is digital electronic device that kills disease-causing parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi via electromagnetic waves based on the bio-resonance principle without using any medications.


Zapper makes it possible to effectively treat acute as well as chronic diseases whose aetiology and pathogenesis are significantly impacted by parasitic, bacterial and viral infections. The theory of selective electric-striking of the pathogenic microorganisms was developed by the US doctor Rife and it was elaborated in the end of the 20th century by doctor Hulda Clark and then it was confirmed by tens of researchers all around the world.


The machine could be applied individually at home, as well as in the offices for physiotherapy of the hospitals. During the therapeutic session, the patient is connected to the Zapper via a pair of electrodes that could contact both hands or both legs, as well as get diagonally connected between the right hand and the left foot or the left hand with the right foot!


How many procedures should you undergo daily and for what period?


1 to 3 procedures are performed daily, for a total of 15-30 days. This is followed by a pause and if necessary procedures are repeated until symptoms disappear.

If the machine is being utilized prophylactically, it would take 1-2 sessions weekly.

It would be better if the machine is utilized by the whole family (including by the children).

Why do we need longer treatment period?


The bio-resonance machine Zapper-V2 AUTOMATIC destroys all parasite types with a single procedure.

But the candida fungi (unwanted guest that is present in each and every organism)!!!

The greatest mankind enemy, together with parasites.

It lives intracellular in our cells (at numerous layers) and it takes longer to be destroyed!

Hence we need 15-30 day treatment period to be fully destroyed/eliminated!

It was proven that in addition to health problems of all kinds… Candida albicans to no lesser extent than parasites is the main cause of cysts, tumours and cancer!!!

Candida albicans

Zapper-V2 AUTOMATIC has three operational cycles with duration of 61 minutes. It is divided by two pauses of 20 minutes each. 7-minute session – 20-minute pause – 7-minute session – 20-minute pause – 7-minute session. The device automatically proceeds to each subsequent cycle (session) while beeping and showing you with its indicators when you should grab it again. After the end of each session, the device beeps and automatically pauses. The indicator pauses for 20 minutes. During the pause, you should leave the device away.


When it is time for the next cycle, it will signal once again and the indicator would proceed to the next cycle. Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC would not start the next cycle until you catch it once again. During the 7-minute sessions, if you need to let go of it, it would stop automatically and will start from where you stopped. While going through the whole session, it will signal you with beeps and will automatically switch off.


Instead of short summary of operating the machine we could add that your participation in the session is about the following: contact/connection between you and the machine. The rest is up to Zapper – V2 AUTOMATIC.  

Why do you need to pass through the three cycles, namely 1.2.3. (full session) ? 


The first cycle kills the viruses, bacteria and parasites and in several minutes more bacteria and viruses appear that have left the dead parasites.

The second cycle kills these viruses and bacteria. Soon few viruses appear.

The third cycle kills the viruses that are the hardest to destroy.


Why the virus inside the parasite does not get destroyed during the first zapping? Electricity runs along the outside contours of the objects and the parasite body acts as protective screen to viruses. That is why a single zapping (cycle) results in partial or temporary improvement and it is often followed by the disease symptoms.


Pauses are necessary for achieving the full modification of pathogens’ condition throughout the organism assisting their full destruction. Doctor Clark set the beginning of studying the impact method that she called “zapping”. Her research works showed that the majority of diseases (much more than the accepted levels) is caused namely by helminths and pathogenic microflora and the discovery she made put the beginning of creating devices that make it possible to destroy parasites. This area was called “Active bio-resonance therapy”. No disease is unbeatable thanks to our new understanding and accumulating experience and experimental results.


Just like doctor Hulda Clark says about the Zapper she developed at one and the same frequency of 30 kHz and with 9 v battery?

In the beginning of her studies doctor Clark used to operate various frequencies. This is what she says later on!!!


The follow-up research works showed that it is not the varying frequencies which destroyed all invaders. Effectiveness was due to the positively tuned frequency and the fact that Zapper is BATTERY-operated!!! I suppose that positive electricity was applied wherever onto the body, it attracts the negatively loaded objects, just like parasites, viruses and bacteria. Probably batteries’ voltage presses them and pulls them from their localization.  


The opportunity for destroying all invaders via Zapping/Zapper (in just 7 minutes) could turn into panacea! You do not need to establish certain frequencies and follow the sequences, through all frequencies, kilohertz by kilohertz.


In the case of sufficient voltage (5-10 volts) (7-minute duration) and frequency (that varies between 10 and 30 kHz) every positively tuned frequency kills simultaneously all parasites, bacteria and viruses.

All parasites, viruses and bacteria (they die in 7 minutes, at 5 volts). Generating positive frequencies is the best and fastest manner for destroying the pathogenic organisms.

An excerpt of the book by doctor Hulda Clark is provided below

Why Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC has been operating for more than 18 years according to the scheme of doctor Clark?

With a single universal frequency of 30 kHz and with battery of 9 v ?

In addition to taking into consideration the research works, evidence and logics of doctor Hulda Clark.

Last but not least we have piles of personal experience!!!


No matter of the health problem you are experiencing, you could not find out the parasite you have inside your body in order to destroy it with certain frequency. Because of the simple reason that even today in Modern medicine there are no research works making it possible to find out the presence of particular parasite, virus or bacteria.


What is the reason for not having such research works? This question could be answered by every human with medium level of intelligence!


Even if we find out, on the grounds of some research work (which is almost impossible), the exact parasite, we stand a great chance of “missing someone else”. While using various programmes and frequencies you miss some unfound parasite, virus or bacteria. When we operate various frequencies or programmes in view of particular parasite, we destroy the particular parasite, but what happens with the other parasites, viruses and bacteria that were not found and diagnosed?


Needless to say 99 /9 % of all diagnoses are WRONG!!! Probably unconsciously doctor Hulda Clark made the society another HUGE favour. She created Zapper that she proved to be capable of destroying all kinds of parasites, viruses and bacteria. It could be operated by every person, without knowledge in this area. And without having to look for the precise parasite and frequency with which to destroy it!!!

Let us repeat one more time what doctor Clark said!


The follow-up research works showed that it is not the varying frequencies which destroyed all invaders. Effectiveness was due to the positively tuned frequency and the fact that Zapper is BATTERY-operated!!!


In the case of sufficient voltage (5-10 volts) (7-minute duration) and frequency (that varies between 10 and 30 kHz) every positively tuned frequency kills simultaneously all parasites, bacteria and viruses.


All parasites, viruses and bacteria (they die in 7 minutes, at 5 volts). Generating positive frequencies is the best and fastest manner for destroying the pathogenic organisms.


In addition to working according to the scheme provided by doctor Clark, Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC impacts and destroys all kinds of parasites, viruses and bacteria. It strengthens the whole organism, has stimulating impact onto the immune system. This way rendering it more resistant to future parasite attacks. It visibly increases the living tonus, improves memory and brain activity. Another positive impact produced by the apparatus is about metabolism acceleration at cellular level (metabolism) thus cutting down cases of obesity and overweight patients.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)?


Is it true that the Bio-resonance apparatus Zapper V2- AUTOMATIC treats the abovementioned diseases?


Zapper V2- AUTOMATIC eliminates the reasons behind the diseases, parasites, viruses and bacteria! Then organism heals itself. Once you eliminate the reason behind the disease the symptoms disappear as well. There is no reason, there is no consequence!


Genius things are the simple ones!!! Magnanimity is about simplicity!!!

Are there any side effects? NO, but treatment crises are possible!!!

What does treatment crisis mean?


Treatment crises show that purifying and healing processes are going on inside your organism that result from the massive destruction and elimination of parasites and toxins out of your body!!! The symptoms for treatment crises could be about feeling sick, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, skin rashes, temperature, weakness etc….


These possible treatment crises should be perceived in positive manner. All that dirtiness piled up inside the organism should get out anyway. Otherwise we will keep living with that “RICHNESS” inside us. This is the real treatment. Everything else is illusion and treatment parody!


RECOMMENDED AND DESIRABLE! In order to achieve maximum, effective organism clean-up and strengthening when releasing parasites, toxins and slags off the body, Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC should be combined with the silver water device Dr.Silver. Silver water prepared with the device Dr.Silver promotes organism clean-up from parasites, toxins and slags. Both devices have similar yet different action properties. They complement each other and create unique combination (synergy). To put it simply, this is the perfect couple (yin and yang).


WARNING! Bio-resonance apparatus Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC is not recommended for people with cardio stimulators, pregnant and breastfeeding women! 

Why should you choose Bio-resonance device Zapper V2- AUTOMATIC – ?


Established manufacturer of over 18 years of experience in producing innovative products with uncompromising quality!!!

It is absolutely safe to human health, but it is lethal to parasites, viruses and bacteria! 

It is compact and easy to use (AUTOMATIC ). No knowledge is required to operate the device!  

It is easy to carry along ( 240 g). You could bring it anywhere with you!   

There are thousands of happy clients!

Affordable price!




Should we define the price of Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC based on its functions, saved money, time, worries and stress!!! Elimination of the reasons behind the disease and the recovery of your health!

That would cause several thousand. Investment would be worth it nevertheless!

We back the wish of doctor Hulda Clark for making her technologies affordable to everyone, without too much margins and speculations.

So that everyone could take advantage of Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC at affordable price!

Because of the huge interest and Zapper -V2 AUTOMATIC running out of stock it may not be available right now!

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