About us

About Us

About us

Health is wealth

Health is wealth – this is our slogan! As some zealous supporters on business
with Prosperity (Wellness), we believe , that there is no greater happiness and
wealth of gifts on Health and namely that is why we are striving every our
product to be such a gift.

Our Name


It can be accepted as the Green Teacher and Green Master simultaneously. The
green colour is a symbol on nature, biosphere, emerald, spring , ecology, plants,
forest, herbs, biological purity, health, equilibrium, tranquillity, money, love and
happiness. The Green Teacher studies carefully and patiently the essence on
these symbols, masters their mighty powers and dominates them as the Green
Lord. Then, with much inspiration and love, he teaches what he has learned on
his pupils and followers .

Our Principles

Our principles are 7 and define the nature, intents and actions on IDELBULGAR
as a company.
1. Principle of Dream – the dream breathes and gives life on everything
and everybody.
2. Principle of wisdom – wisdom guides and governs everything and
3. Principle of justice – justice is at the root on intentions, decisions and
actions on everything and everybody.
4. Principle of love and beauty – love and beauty are the essence on
everything and everybody.
5. Principle of power – strength is at the core on development and
refinement on everything and everybody.
6. Principle on knowledge – knowledge accelerates and captures
development and perfection on everything and everybody.
7. Principle of unity – everything and everybody is striving towards unity,
harmony and integrity .

Our mission

Let's help to as much as possible people to come out of the eternal times
on deceptions, "incurable diseases" and degradation in "modern medicine".
Giving useful and valuable information with which to enrich the health
care their culture .
Health Culture = Life Without Diseases!!!
Health is in your hands !!! 
Let`s help on every person who became part of the family on IDELBULGAR be
able to achieve their dreams for self-improvement, self-fulfillment, prosperity,
health and happiness. Let's help on many our customers to get useful
information and access to amazing products and services on the company ,
donating them with health, beauty, cleanliness, comfort, security, wonderful
emotions and that on possible best for their price.
To help for a better and peaceful world, a clean planet and happily Humanity .

Our goals

To offer products and services with high quality, valuable and innovative, at very
advantageous for customers prices .
To improve quality on service and work with clients .

Products and services

They are always precisely and carefully selected with the highest criterion of
innovation, high quality, proven effectiveness and in favour of on wellness of the
client . We are consumers on our own products and we are convinced of their
quality and purpose.

Social commitment

IDELBULGAR is a new generation company, striving to not only to the
improvement and prosperity on its employees, consultants and clients, but also
to take over on responsibility to the disadvantaged people and particularly to
children. As from 2018, and in the future, the company began to donate funds to
SOS Children's Villages (Organization for Social Development , which guarantees

the right on each child to grow up in a family, to have childhood and future).
Thanks to everyone, thanks to whose efforts we can take care of the children!
With best wishes from the whole team and the manager on IDELBULGAR