Step into a new world!

Step out of your old world. It has kept you a prisoner.
A world without chronic diseases
With this informational website we want to help you become familiar with the remarkable findings of Dr. Clark while we remain as neutral as possible about Dr. Clark.
Dr. Clark’s approach is that of Self-Health. “Self-health means keeping yourself healthy. Doing it yourself”
Step out of your old world
Inside the lines are your old ideas. Outside are new ideas that invite you to step over and escape your prison.
Try something new
Dare to try these new ideas and your illness promises to recede. In a few weeks it can be gone.
Zapper S5 Automatic
Zapping is a way of killing bacteria and parasites electrically. I find it kills parasites and bacteria wherever the electricity reaches.
Automatic notification (light and sound) to start, pause and end of each working cycle
Optimal good price and quality
Small size and weight – convenient storage and travel
Local production aimed at the global market
Silver water device Dr. Silver
Silver potable water concentration is a wonderful natural prophylactic and healing tool primarily to boost immunity, prevent colds and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Improves the supply of oxygen to cells
Rejuvenates the body
Regulates blood pressure
Assists in the regulation of body weight
Helps cleanse the body of toxins and slags


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